Adele’s Weight Loss Plan- It really worked

The Early Stages

Adele the curvy British singer, who once stated that she is proud that she does not appear as a model, appeared as a lot slimmer in one of her latest videos “Send My Love (To Your New Lover).”

Reports have speculated that in the last few months, Adele has managed to shed 30 pounds from that 5-foot-9 frame due to “The Sirtfood Diet” which is derived from the book that was released in January in the UK.

Pete Geracimo, Adele’s long-time trainer is an avid fan of this particular meal plan that is aimed at the food types that are known for activating sirtuins- proteins inside the body which have been proven with studies to assist in regulating the metabolism. The Co-authors, Aidan Goggins a pharmacist and nutritionist and Glen Matten who is a certified nutritionist that has a speciality in association to nutritional medicine name the 20 “sirtfoods” which happen to be rich in the sirtuin-activating polyphenols that Matten explains “mimic” effects of fasting and exercise.

All About SurtFoods

These foods are the typical health hitters. Individuals on this diet eat a lot of dates, strawberries, dark chocolate, olive oil while drinking red wine, coffee and green tea along with a variety of other types of plant-based treats. Meat is not regarded as one of the sirtfoods, but people on this diet are allowed to eat meat. This plan aims to add sirtfoods into the person’s diet but in no way prohibits other types of foods.

However, this meal plan begins strictly. For the 1st 3 days, the dieter will be limited to under 1,000 calories. These 3 days include 1 sirtfood-heavy meal like buckwheat noodles accompanied by vegetables and tofu or greens with salmon along with 3 kale and matcha packed-green juices. Over the following 4 days your daily allowance will increase to 1,500 calories and will include 2 sirtfood meals along with 2 juices.

After the 7 day entry-level into the diet, the dieter is encouraged to eat as much sirtfood-heavy meals as they please. Matten states that after 7 days, the diet becomes a slower shift compared to a complete overhaul and that dieters should be making small and gradual lifestyle changes opposed to going all-out which can result in failure.

Matten goes onto state that the results are dramatic and just like with Adele’s weight loss is just about immediate. When testing out this diet plan on a number of gym-goers, the majority managed to average a loss of 7 pounds within the first 7 days. He also stated that these people appeared a lot more toned which he attributes to the food types that are said to possess muscle-boosting properties.

To date, the songstress has still not revealed exactly how much she has actually lost, but she has mentioned that she has made a number of small changes which has resulted in the transformation of her figure. She does state that her biggest change was that she ditched her British habit associated with drinking many cups of sugary tea every day.

Pete Geracimo, her personal trainer has mentioned that the exercise regime that she follows includes a combination of cable machines, weight lifting and circuit training that blitzes her entire body. Mother of one, who shares a son with her long time boyfriend Simon Konecki, has made a joke that her slimmer figure has resulted in a dangerous habit for shopping.

She recently revealed to Vogue “Now I fit into normal, off-the-shelf clothes, it’s a really big problem for me. I like myself more than ever”. She goes onto state that she now feels a lot more comfortable about herself and she likes what she sees when she looks in the mirror.